Welcome to pre-school Hoppetossa I Ur & Skur Musketören

We are a small I Ur och Skur certified pre-school with committed teachers at Rundavägen 24A, in scenic Äppelviken, a five minutes walk from Alvik subway station.

We spend a lot of time outdoors and work with the environment and wildlife. Our belief is that outdoor education is important for both learning and health reasons but needless to say, we of course take into account the weather and children’s group. We have a great yard, beautiful nearby forest areas and lovely and suitable premises.

It is important to us that everyone feels welcome and included. We have well educated and experienced teachers as well as clear targets and continuous following-up of the pre-school, to ensure high quality. As a parent you have the opportunity to create a meaningful time for your child together with us teachers.

For more information please contact our pre-school manager. Our queue can be found here.

Musketören Alvik
Pre-school Hoppetossa I Ur & Skur Musketören
Rundavägen 24 A
167 51 Bromma



Contact details to pre-school: 072-853 63 17 or  musketoren@hoppetossa.com.

Contact details to pre-school manager: musketoren@hoppetossa.com