Vecka 34 och 35, 2013

Hoppetossa I Ur och Skur Musketören akvarium

Last week (w. 34)

We started our  “samlingar”, divided into two groups. We went to the forest with all children last Wednesday, also divided into two groups. The small children were exploring the forest and the older children were introduced to working with woodstick (tälja med potatisskalare). We were also playing som group games (björnen sover, alla ekorrar byter träd).

This week (w. 35)

Tomorrow, Tuesday, we have the premier for Skogsmulle and Skogsknytte. Children born 2008 will go to Skogsmulle and children born 2010 will go to Skogsknytte. They need a backpack with a small sandwish, something to drink and something to sit on. We will prepare and eat lunch in the forest.

On Wednesday it is premier for Storssniglar and Småsniglar. The children need a backpack with a small sandwich, something to drink and something to sit on. They will eat lunch at Musketören. The older children will stay at Musketören and have the premier for Kretsloppstemat with Inger and Sophia.

This Thursday the gymnastic starts. Children born 2010 and 2008 will go to the forest and the others will have gymnastic in the yard.

This Friday we will have children’s council.

General information

We are going to start up a parents’ council at Musketören this year. The idea is that 2-3 parents and Martin are in the council. We meet 1-2 times each semester.

2/9, next Monday, the photographer comes to Musketören. He starts at 09.00 so all children need to be at Musketören at 08.30.

2/9 we also have the first “planeringsmöte” for the semester, hence Musketören will close at 14.55.

Have a nice week, Kind regards!


*) Notera att eftersom vi har engelskspråkiga föräldrar på Musketören så väljer vi att ha vårt veckobrev på engelska.