Vecka 35 och 36, 2013





Hello all parents!

Last week (w. 35)

We started Mulle/knytte and sniglar last week in the forest. The Mulle group learned about birds and we put up a birdshouse. The knytte group played games and explored the new forest. Mulle and knytte cooked and ate pasta with cheese and ham sauce in the forest.

The big snigel group explored and played in the forest we also tried to “tälja” for the first time, it was fun and the children enjoyed it.

The small snigel group explored the forest and looked at ants.

We also had gymnastic this week. The older children went to the forest and had gymnastic, and the younger ones stayed at yard an had gymnastic.

This week (w. 36)

Today the photographer was here at Musketören between 09.00 and 10.00.

We are closing 15.00 today because of our monthly planning meeting.

Tomorrow is Mulle and knytte again we will go to the forest 09.00.

They need backpacks with a sandwich, something to drink and something to sit on.

On Wednesday the snigel groups are going to the forest. They will also need a backpack with something to drink, a sandwich and something to sit on.

The older children will have premier for the mathematic group.

On Thursday we will have gymnastics.

In general

We are going to start up a parent’s council at Musketören this year. The idea is that 2-3 parents and Martin are in the council. We meet 1-2 times each semester.

Have a nice week, Kind regards!


*) Notera att eftersom vi har engelskspråkiga föräldrar på Musketören så väljer vi att ha vårt veckobrev på engelska.