Vecka 36 och 37, 2013

Hello all parents!





Last week (w. 36)

On Monday we had a burial ceremony for a pigeon how died in our yard. We buried it in a shoebox. We sang twinkle twinkle little star for it (in Swedish).

On Tuesday the Mulle and knytte children went to the forest. The Mulle children continued the work with birds, we checked if some bird had moved in to our bird house (no birds). Then we painted different birds. The knytte children constructed a house for ants with a paper. We cooked “korv stroganoff” with rice in the forest. The smaller children did handprints on paper.

On Wednesday the big snail group and the small snail group went to the forest. We tried what food ants like. We tried sugar, carrot, sausages and “tallkotte”. The older children had math group where they find circles in the yard and painted circles on paper.

On Thursday we had our gymnastics groups.

This week (w.37)

Today Monday we put together our “compost” and put in three different types of material.
We will have our groups as usual during the week.
On Wednesday it is “Föräldramöte” between 19-21.

In general

Now we have got all names for the parents’ council, which will start this fall.
The autumn is getting closer now so it is good if all children have gloves and a cap here at Musketören.
We have not gotten the menu for the week yet, we will email it as soon as we get it.

Have a nice week, Kind regards!

*) Notera att eftersom vi har engelskspråkiga föräldrar på Musketören så väljer vi att ha vårt veckobrev på engelska.