Vecka 37 och 38, 2013

Kul med matematik förskola Alvik

Hello all parents!


Last week (w. 37)

On Monday the Mulle and Knytte group went to the forest and had maths with Inger and Sara, the Snigel group played in the yard with Martin and Monazzah.

On Tuesday the Mulle and Knytte group went to the forest, we had Mulle with Äppelbo and will continue with that this year. The Snigel group was painting outside.

On Wednesday Martin was at a meeting with other I Ur och Skur pre-schools, because of that we had one Snigel group instead of two. Mulle and Knytte had maths.

On Thursday we had gymnastics. The Mulle and Knytte children went to the forest and the Snigel group had gymnastics indoors because of the rain.

This week (w. 38)

The Mulle and Knytte children are going to the forest tomorrow and we will have Mulle with Äppelbo. On Wednesday it is Snigel group again.

In general

It is now getting colder outside so it would be good if all children have gloves and a cap.

Here comes some advice for what to bring in the backpacks:

Small sandwich, something warm to drink (warm milk, warm chocolate, warm blueberry soup or warm rosehip soup), something to sit on.

Have a nice week, Kind regards!


*) Notera att eftersom vi har engelskspråkiga föräldrar på Musketören så väljer vi att ha vårt veckobrev på engelska.