Welcome to preschool Haga

Welcome to Haga in Hagastaden! In our newly built premises, the education is designed according to the children’s needs and interests, where outdoor activities are a natural part of the day. We have our own yard and proximity to green areas that we use extensively.

Outdoor pedagogy, the joy of movement and the desire to discover are a big part of our preschool – experiencing and exploring with all the senses are important ingredients in our daily work. We work actively with the learning environment based on the children’s influence, to create learning and development for each child. Our environment is sustainable, accessible and playful to create the creative and fun-filled, but which also attracts exploration, curiosity and social interaction.

We invite parents to collaborate and the daily meeting enriches and develops the preschool. With us, there are various meeting places for dialogue such as; preschool council / collaboration council, development talks, preschool app and parent meetings.

For more information and please contact our principal. Our queue can be found here: https://forskola.stockholm/hitta-forskola/forskola/hoppetossa-haga/

Preschool Haga
Lise Meitners gata 6
113 67 Stockholm

Phone to our departments:

Linden: 073-590 85 46

Eken: 073-551 91 85

Boken: 073-261 63 12

Pilen: 073-528 81 24 

Contact to our preschool principal: haga@hoppetossa.com



Complaints and comments
We aim to offer good quality in our preschool. Nothing is so good that it cannot be better and views and complaints contribute to developing the preschool. Give us the opportunity to correct errors and shortcomings by talking about what you are not satisfied with or tell us what we are doing that is good.

If it is something that does not meet your expectations or that you are dissatisfied with in your child’s education, turn primarily to us teachers at the preschool. We will then address your point of view/proposal at the next planning meeting so that everyone at the department/preschool will be informed and in these meetings we will also discuss what measures we should take. We give feedback to you after the planning meeting.

If we do not succeed in resolving the problem and your dissatisfaction persists, turn to the principal so that the preschool, together with the principal, will be given the opportunity to act.

Sometimes a meeting is needed, where you as the guardian, the teacher you talked to and the headmaster are present. The meeting will be a forum for discussing and jointly land in a solution/action. Even after this meeting, the relevant teachers at the department/preschool will be informed so that everyone knows what measures are being taken. If we find that a more in-depth analysis is needed, the principal together with the huvudman makes an inquiry.

Should you still be dissatisfied, you make a written complaint to the huvudman by sending an e-mail to synpunkter@hoppetossa.com. The huvudman always informs the principal in connection with this, and of course directly to you who have left the complaint/point of view.

If you are not satisfied with how the huvudman received and investigated your complaint, you can proceed with the matter to Stockholm Stad.

Complaints are documented to ensure adequate follow-up.

Of course, the parental council (föräldraråd/samverkansmöte) is also a good opportunity to raise views/complaints. The parental council is a forum for guardians’ representatives from each department and teachers, as well as the principal. The task of the guardians representative is to highlight suggestions, views and questions from other guardians, and ensure that the other guardians receive minutes from all meetings. The parental council meets every term. It is important for us to have a close and trusting cooperation with the homes.