Welcome to pre-school Hoppetossa Jollen

We are a small pre-school beside Vanadislunden (Roslagstull) with committed teachers and daily outdoors activities. In total Jollen accepts 30 children. Our pre-school sets the foundation for lifelong learning in an environment that is fun, secure and inspiring. Our goal is to allow each child to develop into a unique individual. It is important to us that everyone feels welcome and included. Jollen is run like a traditional Swedish pre-school.

We have well educated and experienced teachers as well as clear targets and continuous following-up of the pre-school, to ensure high quality. As a parent you have the opportunity to create a meaningful time for your child together with us teachers.

For more information and please contact our pre-school manager. Our queue can be found here: http://www.stockholm.se/-/Serviceenhetsdetaljer/?enhet=bf31b286bd8544c3acefe58de94573d6.

Welcome to us at Jollen!

Pre-school Hoppetossa Jollen
Roslagsgatan 45
113 54 Stockholm



General questions to our pre-school: jollen@hoppetossa.com

Contact details to our departments:
Dep. Kompassen: 076-946 49 58 or kompassen.jollen@hoppetossa.com
Dep. Kartan: 072-250 49 58 or kartan.jollen@hoppetossa.com

Contact details to our pre-school manager: jollen@hoppetossa.com