Welcome to pre-school Hoppetossa Raketen!

Currently, our popular preschool has available places, contact us for more information: 073-231 93 29.

Our preschool is ideally located close to the forest and only 1 minute from Skarpnäck’s underground station. We are within easy walking distance to both Lilla Sköndal and Bagarmossen.

At Raketen, outdoor education is important. Through play, movement and outdoor activities lays the foundation for child development and health.






We have four departments in total. Our pre-school sets the foundation for lifelong learning in an environment that is fun, secure and inspiring. Our goal is to allow each child to develop into a unique individual. It is important to us that everyone feels welcome and included. Raketen is run like a traditional Swedish pre-school.

We have well educated and experienced teachers as well as clear targets and continuous following-up of the pre-school, to ensure high quality. As a parent you have the opportunity to create a meaningful time for your child together with us teachers.

For more information and please contact us at raketen@hoppetossa.com. Our queue can be found here.

Flygargatan 7

Pre-school Hoppetossa Raketen
Flygargatan 7, 228 34 Skarpnäck

General questions to the pre-school: raketen@hoppetossa.com

Contact details to our departments:
Dep. Nova: 072-853 63 18 eller nova.raketen@hoppetossa.com
Dep. Luna: 070-813 20 90 eller luna.raketen@hoppetossa.com
Dep. Nebula: 073-430 84 16 eller nebula.raketen@hoppetossa.com
Dep. Tellus: 073-231 93 43 eller tellus.raketen@hoppetossa.com

Contact details to our pre-school manager: raketen@hoppetossa.com


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