Hoppetossa in short

Our vision is to be a driving force for an equal and democratic world. We are confident that we best achieve that vision by working with, and for, young children’s education and learning.

We have an established preschool operation, accordingly to the Swedish curriculum, with innovative ideas about what is the basis for a good preparation for the future. We have an educational profile consisting of mathematics, culture and outdoor education that permeates all Hoppetossa preschools. All our preschools operate independently with its own management. We know that the best decisions are made close to the children and not at a head office.
Our four core values, the foundation of the culture and values we want to grow, sums up the momentum of Hoppetossa and help us run the preschools’ development forward and achieve our vision:

We know children’s development and learning, and we always want to keep knowledge in focus when we run our preschools.

To provide quality preschools require that we are at the forefront, collaborate and share experiences with each other and others. We would like to be perceived as innovative, flexible and customizable. We are driven by a strong mission to deliver added value in everything we do and to never stand still. We want the curiosity to permeate the whole Hoppetossa, so that children’s natural curiosity and interest always are encouraged.
We belong to those who go to our work because we want to and not because we should. We love what we do and put our whole soul into the task. We want the whole Hoppetossa to be permeated by this joy to children, children’s learning and preschools.

A safe child can go to any length. Obviously, we want to offer safe environments in our preschools. This applies to both the physical and social environment. Our systematic quality work at all levels of Hoppetossa ensure that we have control of our operations.

For more information on Hoppetossa, please contact us via  info@hoppetossa.com.

Welcome to Hoppetossa!